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Sta. Rosa Garden Villas III Phase 3 and 5, being a DDC Land project, bears with it the signature mark of a true first class and modern residential community. Apart from the signature township-style housing, DDC Land decided to provide not just the recreational facilities and amenities but it has brought in an entire commercial place for the convenience of all its residents. The 5.8 hectare land dedicated for the said commercial place hosts SM SaveMore and other stores for easy shopping.

Let us take a look at the features of this great residential community. 

In-house Malls and Commercial Development
This is to bring SM SaveMore, Infinity Shops, Garden Plaza and other retails shops closer to the residents of Sta. Rosa Garden Villas. Restaurants are other fast food chains are also available here. 

Personal Wellness & Entertainment
DDC Land believes that residents deserve a healthier and a happier life. Included in these commercial spaces are the wellness gym and some entertainment places for everyone to enjoy. It is nice to know that within the same grounds, one can spend his after-work exercises. Less expense and less trouble. 

Spacious Parking Lots
Everyone has the chance to safely park his car in the right place because of an ample parking space provision. 

Integrated Transport Terminal
FROM and TO various point in Laguna, the transport terminal inside the grounds of Sta. Rosa Garden Villas could facilitate an easier movement for everyone. 

Multi-Purpose Activity Center
This is intended to host bigger entertainment events like concerts, sports events, tournaments, among others. With prior arrangements, residents can make sure of the multi-purpose hall for private family affairs like birth, wedding or anniversary parties. Other bigger events like conferences can also be held here. 

Park & Children’s Playground
Children’s playground are available in most of the phases that has been developed. These is ideal for children’s weekend free time to spend. 

Centralized Water System
With a higher number of residents within the community, water supply may not be as stable as when it is centralized and in-house operated. With the centralization of water supply, every resident is assured of having enough water running on their faucet. 

Wider inner access roads & Concreted Side Walk
There is a good provision for cars to freely move even on inner access roads because roads are very well concreted and sidewalks are spacious as well. Street lights are very well provided as well so early morning joggers can safely use the sidewalks for their morning exercises. 

Well-constructed Underground Drainage System
Sta. Rosa Garden Villa, as a whole, is a well masterplanned residential project by DDC Land. It has one of the best drainage systems to ensure that during wet season, surface run-offs are thrown out of the streets into the underground canals and to the drainage system. This is the first step towards insuring that even during worst weather conditions, water will not fill inner roads.  

Meralco Power Lines
This is an entirely different set-up from the rest of the subdivisions where power lines within the inner perimeters are mostly provided by the owner. Due to a larger residential area, with some commercial establishments within, Meralco has decided to provide the necessary primary power lines to ensure the sufficiency of the supply throughout the community.

  • Concrete sidewalk
  • Centralized water system
  • MERALCO power lines
  • Multi purpose Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
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